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Official LEPIN website with everything LEPIN has ever released and will release. Moreover, we show you where to buy LEPIN as cheap as possible! Like for example at the Chinese wholesale website AliExpress (Ali Express). About LEPIN: LEPIN is a Chinese bricks and blocks brand based in the GuangDong province in Chenghai. The company behind LEPIN is MZ Model, which is also responsible for XingBao sets. LEPIN focusses on releasing knock-off and replica sets, but also some original products. Remarkable is that some of these original products are sets from kickstarter platforms, sets that were not successfully funded through this . About the knockoff (KO) sets of LEPIN, these sets are not really fake. It are not 100% copies, but differ on a few specifications like amount of pieces, brand name and exact model. From early 2017, some LEPIN sets are released with a gold “V” shaped logo on the box that indicate numbered bags and instruction manuals with a guarantee of no missing parts. The “R” seems to indicate Replica or Recreation – and presumably a hundred percent copy, but this is a little bit unclear.