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Chima is a theme that is taking place in the hidden kingdom Chima. The product line is placed along with the TV series Legends of Chima and several same games. Chima was launched in 2013 and is one of the newest themes. Start the adventure with the Legends of Chima and conquer first CHI!

Where the strains of animals for thousands of years have lived peacefully in Chima, there is now a war broke out between the various tribes to the precious natural resource CHI. CHI is very powerful and can provide power and speed and provides many different vehicles with power. It is a powerful weapon which should not fall into the wrong hands! On one side are the Lions, supported by the Eagles and the Gorillas, and on the other side are the crocodiles, which cooperate with the Wolves and Ravens. Important characters of Chima its Laval, Sir Fangar, Cragger, Eris, and Rogon Razar. Who will win the battle? Build your own adventure, grab the CHI, choose good or evil and is one of the Legends of Chima!