Bricks series

Bricks brands is the best and probably only online ‘LEGO alternative’ catalog. After LEGO lost its patent in 2010 new brands have entered the market of plastic bricks and blocks toys. Most brands (like BELA, Decool, LEPIN, LELE and Sheng Yuan) offer fully LEGO compatible products with similair quality against much lower prices. There is a lot of discussions about LEGO replica’s, fake LEGO or if these alternatives are LEGO imitations. We do not judge, we just want to show you what is out there. It is up to you if you would like to buy original and real LEGO or these substitutes. Imitations or not, a big advantage is that prices of these products are that low that price savings can rise up to 90 percent (!).

Altough cheap, a big downfall is that these brands are hard to find  online due to their bad marketing activities. That’s were we come in! Just click on a brand or select a brick category and browse through hundreds of high quality and cheap sets! We strive to offer the most complete overview, so do not hesitate to contact us if you feel like something is missing. Enjoy!